Apparently Melania Trump’s Skincare Line Has Vanished From The Internet

Its a tough time to be Melania Trump. The presidential candidates wife is under fire for stealing Michelle Obamas speech, maybe not immigrating legally and not graduating with the architecture degree she claims to have.

Now, on top of it all, Racked has noticed the luxury skincare brand Melania began promoting six years agohas pulled a fast one and seemingly vanished from existence.

Not only is the Caviar Complexe C6 (what?) system not online, the beleaguered womans website now redirects to her husbands professional domain. Isnt that a metaphor for the ages?

According to the incredibly in-depth research of Peter Moskowitz, Melanias line featured expensive packaging to match her upscale brand image.

Its unclear, however, if the products two day creams, an exfoliating peel and a cleansing balm ever lived up to their extensive promises. Plus, they came with a hefty price tag upwards of $50 a pop.

Like the rest of Donald Trumps empire, they were mostly shiny-looking and overpriced. Can a product even bear the name Trump if there isnt scrolling script or gold finishes?

Long story short, legal battles within the company behind the brand, New Sunshine LLC, eventually brought down Melanias skincare line.

One New Sunshine executive sued the other, and that man turned around and sued Melania. It is, as Moskowitz notes, the ultimate case of rich people problems.

Although Melania extensively promoted her caviar line, it barely hit shelves. And, as a result, she countersued New Sunshine LLC. Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, indeed.

While the skincare line may be dead, there are still plenty of ways to get a little Melania in your life. Cover your childin expensive night cream after his bath, like she did with son Barron. Alternatively, head off to your #summer residence (#countryside #weekend).

Oh, Melania. Never change.

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