Chrissy Teigen Explains Why Pregnancy Is Making Her More Confident

Its good to be Chrissy Teigen, with or without a baby on board.

Known for her gloriously unattainable body, the Lip Sync Battle host and swimsuit model explained how she maintains her confidence duringher pregnancy.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan.com, Teigen shared,

I’m interested to see what I’m going to look like after, but I really do love working out right now, and I love how I’ve gone about my whole stretch-mark lotion routine. I’m doing everything I can to take really good care of myself right now. Before I would go on a binge of eating crazy, hearty foods and not working out, and then I’ll do something like Sports Illustrated and so I would workout like crazy for a month. Now I have more of a steady routine.

Babies will do wonders for a persons pressure to organize and find a workable routine, though Teigen is especially blessed in the skincare-product department.

She added,

I am so lucky that I have a relationship with La Mer… I lather this stuff on. It is no joke. I wanted to make sure I did it because I am a stretch-mark girl, so I knew that I would get it pretty badly. I wanted to make sure I started it before I started noticing them. So every single day it’s about 15to20 minutes of my day I sit and just rub this La Mer [on me]. It’s called Concentrate and it’s in this little jar, and it’s not meant for an entire belly, it is meant to just dab on specific spots because it’s basically liquid gold.

Speaking from the perspective of someone whos not even remotely pregnant, Im still willing to shell out serious moneyfor anything Chrissy freaking Teigen considers liquid gold.

At a killer $440 per1.7-ounce bottle, Ill also be drinking dirty snow and hunting neighborhood squirrels for dinner for the foreseeable future.

Check out the full interview at Cosmopolitan.com.

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