EXCLUSIVE! Dreaming Of Dewy Skin Like Jennifer Lopez? Skincare Guru Adina Diaz Spills Her Secrets On Getting A Flawless Summer Face!

Summer is practically around the corner if you think about it, and dewy skin is IN!

While there are countless beauty products out there to get that glow from within using shimmering highlighters and water-based foundations, why not start with the source??

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We EXCLUSIVELY spoke to Beverly Hills skincare expert Adina Diaz of Adina Diaz Your Skincare Guru to get the scoop on achieving a flawless face just like your fave celebs.

We’re looking at you, Jennifer Lopez!

When it comes to shedding that dry winter skin, Adina spilled all her secrets, explaining:

“When the weather changes, the skin changes! Here are some tips I would suggest to my clients. Buy yourself a humidifier. This small purchase will keep your skin hydrated and also help soothe a dry throat throughout all changes in the weather. I keep one by my bedside. The second tip would be to exfoliate! I consider exfoliation one of the most important treatments for your skin and is essential in your skincare routine. Proper exfoliation leaves the skin smoother and more radiant. Say goodbye to that winter skin and hello to that summer skin! My favorite microbead-free facial exfoliant is from Lotus Moon Skincare and is called Lemon Poppy Seed Foaming Cleanser. My recommended body exfoliant is made by Meow Meow Tweet and is called Tangerine, Basil & Poppy Seed Bar Soap.”

Microbead-free is the way to go!!

But the real key to keeping your skin from looking dry is HYDRATION. Not only does Adina recommend drinking more water, she also dished:

“If you find yourself having a hard time drinking plain water, you can try adding mint, fennel, lemons or cucumber for a more refreshing taste. Next, its all about your powerful serums with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Your skin needs all the protection it can get from the harsh sun rays and environmental damage. Serums are the first line of defense when it comes to skincare. They go on right after cleansing the skin and deliver smaller molecular ingredients that can penetrate deeper into the skin, even deeper than your moisturizer. Its easier than you might think and will make a world of a difference keeping your skin hydrated and free of damage from the sun ! I suggest Lotus Moon Skincare Hyaluronic Intensive Antioxidant Bootcamp serum.”


Of course, there are also things to avoid when it comes to taking care of yourself. Some of the biggest mistakes Adina sees people making during the summer will really hurt your skin! She revealed:

“The biggest summer mistake I see is that people dont protect their skin during the harsh summer months! SPF and hats are a must. Top three reason why our skin ages? Genetics, hormones, and the sun! Protect your skin, people! I would suggest Lotus Moon Skincare SOL Creme SPF 17 And SPF 30. Another big mistake I see is that people keep using retinols and other active products during the summer. This is a no-no because the skin is more sensitive with the heat, sweat, and sun and active ingredients tend to irritate it during warmer weather. Use more calming products like Willowherb, Spin Trap, and Calamine. I would also suggest Lotus Moon Skincare Willowherb Serum and High Potency Recovery Gel.”

As popular as retinol products are right now, sounds like it’s almost time to cool it!

You only get one face, people!

So, are U ready for radiant skin?

[Image via Adina Diaz Your Skincare Guru/AKM-GSI.]

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