I Spent A Week With Lush And It Reinvented My Skincare And Beauty Routine

Ever since I can remember, my skincare routine has consisted of lotion.

Lubriderm body lotion. For my legs, arms and face. Sometimes Ill buy the one with the SPF; other times Ill grab the one for dry skin.

Last winter, however, I caved and bought Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate to try to stave off the inevitable dryness that comes with the harsh winters in New York City. It was truly a big step for me, as that 1-ounce bottle costs $46.

Luckily, just as I ran out of the serum, I was boarding a plane to London to experience the Lush Creative Showcase two days filled with all things Lush.

Before I even reached Heathrow, my skincare was already starting to change, thanks to a perfectly put-together travel package from Lush.

Lush products, neck pillow and headphones in hand, I snuggled into my middle seat and tried (unsuccessfully) to pass out on the red-eye flight.

Six hours later, I was in the Big Smoke.

After two days of testing a wide array of Lush products everything from toothpastetablets,to The Good Hour massage, to the newest Christmas-scented bath bombs I finally nailed down the products I just cant live without.

My morning routine:

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