I Tried To Follow John Mayer’s Skincare Routine, But That Man Is Insane

John Mayer is something of an enigma.The guitarist-crooner may have started out as the guy who played all the music you hooked up to during college, but these days hes a littlestranger.

After releasing two folksy records, Mayers gone the route of stars like Shia LaBeouf and James Franco. He does odd things publicly, we all wonder if its a joke or some kind of art performance, then he carries on.

Remember the weirdly over-the-top single with Katy Perry? It made America collectively uncomfortable, like the couple on your Facebook feed whowont stop posting makeout selfies.

Just about two weeks ago, Mayer upped the comedic oddness ante. Using Snapchat, he documented his entire skincare routine.

This might be some kind of advanced commentary on the futility of preventing aging, but its more likely he just drank a full Red Bull and felt boredom kicking in.

His beauty ritual was all Natura Biss, a luxe skincare label beloved by celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Beyonc. Even Oprah uses the brand.

After news of his weird beauty tutorial picked up steam, I found myself consumed by the need to know what John Mayers pampered face feels like.

Natura Biss was kind enough to send me over four of Mayers picks, on loan to be sent back like Cartier diamonds. Considering the tiny, white bag contained over $800 of skincare, they practically were.

Like the diligent researcher I am, I toted the bag home on the subway. If I ever get robbed, Im almost certain idiot male burglars would miss the actual thing worth stealing: Thousands of dollars in beauty samples, stashed all over my apartment.

By dusk, I was ready to get myself in Mayers mental space. (Do you think he goes to bed at 10 pm, too? Some of us have early morning workouts, OK.) Pulling out my phone, I reviewed his Snap story.

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