I’ll Never Contour My Face, But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Against Makeup

A while back, I was chattingwith a friend about everything and anything. Eventually, we got onto the subject of beauty.

If were being honest, girls always turn the conversation to lipstick and skincare at least once, dont we?

Weve drawn oneyeliner with wings sharp enough to kill. Weve layered on the boldest lip shades. After all this, we have the alluring contour trend.

Mind you, my friend and I dontcontour our faces, and we never plan to. Its just not our style.

Since then, Ive had this conversation with several other girls. While some choose to go all out with their contouring, some rock the natural look. To each her own, ladies.

I have no problem with anyone who contours their face. I think it takes some serious talent to apply the right shades of makeup in the right spots totransform your face. It looks pretty sweet when done correctly, too.

You ladies are the real MVPs of the makeup world.

However, I have no interest in learning or even trying to contour my face.

Frankly, Im not prepared to take on all the associated artistic and monetary responsibilities.Id rather sit over here, chilling and living behind the times.

Here are eight pretty valid reasons why I will never contour my face:

1. Expenses

Im no stranger to spending money on clothes or basic makeup products to bump upmy look, but I cant justify spending money onall of the makeup it takes to contour. Im a broke ass bitch, so my face will have to suffer the consequences. In this case, Im also just too cheap.

2. Lack Of Makeup Talent

Im far from the level of artistry of a cosmetologist. When it comes to makeup, I love it, and I use what I would consider a decent amount. However, Im no artist, so you wont see any fancy makeup skills on my face.

3. Time Consumption

I dont contour, and I stilltake too longto get ready in the mornings. To add contouring on to my routine, Im sure Id have to wake up at least three hours before leaving the house. 4 am, see you never.

4. Day-To-Day Maintenance

Once I start, I cant stop. I couldnt just contour my face three daysof the week and have a plain face for the rest. I wouldnt want to start any confusionas to which face is really mine.

5. When The Trend Fades

What happens when contouring is no longer the thing? Do you just wake up one day and not do it?

Will it scare men and children away? Do you slowly ween yourself off of contouring? What do you do?

6. I touch my face too much.

I have a bad habit of touching or wiping my face through out the day. If I had on a full contour, Id end up looking like a cake-face monster. Again, Im not trying to scare the kids here.

7. Damn Acne

I still break out at 24 years old, and Im pissed about it. Id rather not have another reason for zits. Ive clogged my pores far enough in my lifetime.

8. The Natural Look

Yes, I wear makeup, and yes, you can probably tell. Itend to keep my makeup on the subtle side, though.

Ill go allout on my eyes more than anything else. Also, I dont wanna cover up my freckles. Those are my shit.

More power to you if you contour. You look like a queen. Its just not my thing.

Stay beautiful, my friends.

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