Kids Remind Us How To Dream During An Enlightening Counseling Session

Have we forgotten how to dream? As adults, thats a powerful question that we should ask ourselves; its also a challenge that should move closer to the forefront of our minds.

Its so easy to get swept up in the monotony of our daily lives, tending to chores, commuting, caring for children, or working, that we dont take the time to acknowledge the dreams that we once had as children.

In a poignant campaign created by Japanese skincare line, SKI-II, women were invited to an unusual counseling session about dreams where the counselors were really kids (adorable little girls feeding questions to the adult counselor from the background).

The women, who were sweet, selfless, genuine and polite (and some nervous) were asked, What is your big dream? When proposed with this question many of the women paused and pondered what they truly wanted out of their lives.

Many pointed out their responsibilities and that after 30 you are expected to get “a proper job.” For some of the women motherhood was their top priority and in a sense what defined them. One woman added, the words because you are a mother carry a lot of pressure. But the counselor countered with “When your children are all grown up what would you do?” Their responses are rather eye-opening and some are pretty fierce! One of the really shy women even breaks into song!

This campaign, as well as the Like A Girl social experiment that challenges negative female perceptions, brings many important questions and reflections to the surface andmost importantlyaim to empower.

Through their innocent and inventive lenses, kids do truly remind us what it feels like to dream. So dont forget to dream – and to dream big as we only have one life.


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