Nine Amazing Freckle Facts To Finally Explain Your Angel Kisses

Now that the sun’s out more regularly, you might get the urge to head out and soak up some rays. But if you’re like many people, you may not walk back inside with a smooth, even glow. Instead, you might feel a little… spotted.

We’re talking about freckles, of course. Those little spots of dark pigment that pepper noses and cheeks in early summer and hang out until the fall.

To people who don’t have them, they’re the cutest things ever. But to those who do, well, they might think life would be a little easier without them!

Freckles have divided opinions forever on whether or not they’re cute (hint: they are), but there’sa lot of mystery surrounding these little skin pigments.

Whatare freckles? Why do some people have them and others don’t? Why do they disappearonly to reappear again?

Well, it turns out that freckles actually have a specific purpose, and are a particular adaptation found on people around the world.

While many people have lamented them as blemishes, they’re actually just one of the many amazing things our bodies do for us! And luckily, more and more people are embracing them, like the photographer whocaptures their unique and dynamic beauty.

If you have freckles, check out these cool facts and find a newfound appreciation for your spots!


What Are Freckles?


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Freckles are small areas of the skin that contain more melanin or skin pigmentation than the surrounding area.

Their scientific name is “ephelides” and they’re totally normal and healthy.

Freckles are most associated with paler skin tones, but actually, anyone can have them!

And there’s a lot more going on with them than you might think…

Freckle Fact #1: They Serve A Very Important Purpose


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Freckles are more than little dots that just appear in the sun.

Freckles appear due toa type of melanin called “pheomelanin,” which are small areas of pigment that darken in the sun.

If you have an evenly dark skin tone, you have “eumelanin,” which is a different kind of melanin.

That’s why they appear on the nose, cheeks, and sometimes shoulders, and they actually serve to protect the skin from the sun’s rays. They’re like built-in sunscreen!

Freckle Fact #2: The Sun Activates Them


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Kind of like a suntan, freckles only darken when exposed to sunlight.

If you haven’t been in the sun in a long time or if you always wear a lot of sunblock, you probably won’t have freckles.

This is also why no one is born with frecklesbecause they’ve been in the dark!

Freckle Fact #3: Freckled Skin Is Very Sensitive


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Though freckles can appear on a variety of skin tones, people with freckles tend to be more sensitive to UV radiation.

So even if your freckles protect you from the sun a bit, limit your exposure to strong sun and wear sunblock, because they can only offera certain amount of protection.

Freckle Fact #4: No Two Patterns Are Alike


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Freckles aren’t only found on people with very light skin. People all over the world have freckles, and they’re cute on everyone!

While there are two different types of melanin found in humans, people can have combinations of the different types depending on their ancestry. That’s why people with both lighter and darker skin can have freckles.

Also, no two freckles or freckle patterns are ever alike.

Freckle Fact #5: They’re Not Just For Redheads


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We like to associate red hair withfreckles, but they’re not always found together.

In fact, red hair is a recessive genetic trait while freckles are a dominant trait, leading to all kinds of combinations depending on someone’s family.

Freckle Fact #6: They Can Change With Age


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Freckles are commonly found on children, and that might be why we think of them as “cute.” Many people, though, find that their freckles aren’t as prominent as they get older.

It might also be why people wanting to look more “grown-up” want to remove them! However, if you’ve found your freckles have faded with age, you still need to use sunblock!

Freckle Fact #7: They Come With Fun Expressions


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Freckles, some say, arenothing more than angel kisses.

Another saying states that “a face without freckles is like a sky without stars.”

These age-old expressions are a fun and affectionate way to think about freckly complexions.

Freckle Fact #8: We’ve Tried To Remove Them For Centuries


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While people without freckles usually think theyre cute, people, especially women, have long tried to remove them.

Throughout history, all kinds of methods have been tested to remove freckles including bleaching them with lemon juice and covering them with thick makeup.

Removing freckles has been a huge industry, but is it really worth it? Maybe not.

Freckle Fact #9: The Grass Is Always Greener


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But while some people are desperate to rid themselves of freckles, others covetthem!

Some freckle-less people have even drawn on their own freckles with eye pencil, and some companies even sell press-on freckle “tattoos.”

It just shows you that for every trait you have that you wished were different, there’s someone else who thinks it’s wonderful.

Now that you know what freckles can do for you, you might start appreciating them even more, whether they’re on your cheeks or someone else’s.

But no matter your freckle level or skin tone, don’t forget the sunscreen!

So love the skin you’re in, andSHARE these freckle facts with some speckly friends!

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