Social Media Influencer Claimed Bras Cause Cancer, And People Are Furious

Some people really let theirInsta-fame go straight to their heads.

One minute, youre just a normal person with a cool Instagram. The next,you hit 50,000 followers and youre suddenly a self-appointed personal trainer, nutritionist or, in this case, an oncologist.

Yep, Nikisha Brunson, a social media influencer and co-creator of the skincare brand Urban Bush Babes, is feeling the heat after she used her massive reach to spread a message about the risks of wearing bras. The post totally backfired.

Brunson published a video in which she warned ladies that wearing bras can cause breast cancer.

Sheeven claims that bra companies and cancer research organizations are keeping these statistics on the down low.

If youre really worried about breast cancer, you should probably stop listening to clueless internet bloggers and follow the advice ofmedical experts.

Yes, were looking at you, Brunson.

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