This website will literally turn your selfie into a song

What sort of song does your face make? You can now find out thanks to a tool from Japanese skincare company IPSA.

Face Melody is a program that analyzes your selfie and creates a unique melody based on your facial features. Software analyzes your expression, mouth shape, skin color, and lightness of the photograph to generate a song.

Photo via Face Melody

To make your own Face Melody, upload a selfie to the site or take one from your computer. The app will measure your different facial features and assign pattern rhythm, sound, and arrangement based on that data.

The rhythm is based on the “balance” of your facial features, and the arrangement is based on your skin color. After you upload your selfie to Face Melody, you can watch as the program determines what type of smile you have, and the rhythm and sound it emits.

Face Melody is meant to highlight the individuality of everyone’s faces. As the beauty company writes, “Your face is one of a kind. The color and texture of your skin, your expression, and your features. These are all unique to you and you alone.”

The automated music generator is yet another way people are using computers to turn data into art.

Sites like Histography, which generates beautiful, interactive timelines based off Wikipedia entries; Galaxy Covers that turns cover songs into planets orbiting the original song; and Meshu, jewelry made from your location data, are all ways in which creators are taking numbers and data and transforming them into things people can view and enjoy.

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